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Motorized Trippensee Planetarium    Item #EL- 500

Sale $1199.99 (free shipping/handling)

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The Trippensee® planetarium (item #EL- 400) and the motorized Trippensee® planetarium (item #EL- 500) are orreries that perform the same functions; the difference being that the motorized model contains a spring wire connection to the red arm which moves the planetarium arm to revolve the Earth, moon, and Venus balls around the sun. These planetariums are durable and reliable gear and ladder chain  driven so that the Earth maintains it’s 23-1/2° axis, revolves around the sun and rotates on it’s axis, all at the same time. The moon revolves around the Earth and keeps it’s one face toward the Earth. Venus also revolves around the sun, and can be positioned by hand, as well, to show phases and where it is located as the morning or evening star.


Arm length: 16 1/2"
Height:  14"
Sun: 5 3/4"
Earth: 3"
Shipping Weight: 18 lbs


Among the phenomena which the models show are the following:

  • Phases of the moon
  • Eclipses of the sun and moon
  • Causes of night and day
  • Seasons in various parts of the Earth
  • Reasons for winter and summer
  • What the solstices and equinoxes are
  • The axis of the Earth and its relationship to the North Star
  • About the tides and their causes
  • The Earth’s equator, latitude, longitude and meridians

The Trippensee models have been produced for over 90 years and provide many visual demonstrations that clarify the relationships of these elements of the solar system, in motion, for children and adults interested in learning more about the universe around them. The chain and gear drives on this model provide an exceptionally long life for the product and provide a model that is unequaled in the marketplace today.   

***  Special note: Earth has a dark blue or black ocean.

Portable desktop Planetariums have been produced for over 90 years by Trippensee.  They provide many visual demonstrations that clarify the relationships of the solar system elements in motion, for children and adults interested in learning more about the universe around them. Perfect for school or as home planetarium.


Item # EL-501 (220 volt only - International planetarium model)    $1399.99

Please call 812-333-2772 or email traveler@1ststoptravelstore.com for an international shipping quote


EL-501 Planetarium is made to order. Production may take up to four weeks. Transit time depends on your choice of shipping method.

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