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Replogle® World Globes - Frequently Asked Questions

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How up-to-date is the globe?

Replogle® has a policy of updating a map every time it’s printed. Although the names or boundaries of countries can change due to wars or other political upheavals, most changes are simple name changes that are relatively easy to make. Our policy is that when the US State Department—along with the representatives (usually the Embassies of the governments involved), recognizes the changes as being a fact, we then start to implement the changes into our system. Generally, the 9" and 12" diameter globes are the first sizes to show up in the field with the changes, followed by the 16" models and other sizes. This can be anywhere from six months to a year—depending on the field inventory. There can be no absolute guarantee that any map is 100% current, but this should not be a deterrent to the purchase because the real value of a globe is to show true, geographical relationships.

What is the "Updatable Globe Program"?

From time to time, the world does change. Replogle wants to help you keep your globe as up-to-date and accurate as the day you bought it. As a Replogle globe owner, you are eligible for 50% off the retail value of a new globe ball or ball and ring through our Updatable Globe Program. To take advantage of Replogle's Updatable Globe Program, fill in your globe model (5-digit number on carton) enclosed with your globe and keep this card in a safe place. If a change occurs in the world, contact Replogle at the address or phone number on the card. We will respond to your request as soon as new globes become available.  Shipping/handling and taxes (where applicable) are additional. Replogle reserves the right to discontinue any product. Obsolete globe balls may be unavailable and a substitution offered. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. Available in USA & Canada only.

Why are globes tilted?

Many Replogle® globes are made to tilt at an angle of 23º to match the actual tilt of the Earth. Incidentally, it is this tilting of the Earth, relative to the sun as it orbits around it, that causes the seasons to change and give us more daylight hours at certain times of the year.

How many place names are on the globe?

Replogle globes feature:

4.7" globes:  800 place names
 9"  diameter:  3800  place names
12" diameter:4000 place names (illuminated and non illuminated)
16" diameter:4100 place names (illuminated and non illuminated)
20" :diameter 4200 place names

How do you find a place on a globe?

Because a globe is round with no beginning or end, there are 2 imaginary reference lines from which all distances and locations are determined; these are the equator and prime meridian.
Equator: Runs East and West around the exact middle of the globe.
Prime Meridian: Imaginary line running from Pole to Pole and passing through Greenwich, England.
Both the equator and the prime meridian intersect at point ‘0’ where all numbering starts with longitude and latitude lines.
Longitude: Imaginary lines running parallel with the prime meridian through each Pole and numbered in 15º increments.
Latitude: Imaginary lines running around the globe parallel to the equator at 10º increments.
Locations are uniquely identified on a globe by the point where the longitude and latitude lines intersect, i.e., Dallas Texas is located 33º North (Latitude) 97º West (Longitude).

What's the difference between the blue and tan colored globes?

The ‘TAN’ globes are Antique in appearance and are preferred when the globe is to be used as a decorative accessory because the more neutral tan color complements almost any home or office décor. The ‘TAN’ background or ocean is actually produced from a reproduction of an ancient parchment to give it the Antique or ‘Old World’ look…the geographic information is up-to-date and this Antiqued treatment is done primarily for its aesthetic appeal.

The ‘BLUE’ globes, while also political, have the ocean areas in a blue (water) color and usually consist of highly contrasting, colorful, political boundaries. The youth market normally prefers such globes.

How many different maps do we use?

Currently we use 35 different maps. This is due to the different sizes of our globes, the style types, languages, and because some customers supply their own maps to us for private label globes.

How do you clean a Replogle Globe?

Our globes have a special coating designed to protect the globe ball and enhance its appearance. Because this finish is washable, you could use a crayon or a soft wax pencil on the surface. Markings can be wiped off with a moistened cleansing tissue or soft, damp cloth. Household dust can be removed with a dry cloth, though you may wish occasionally to use a slightly dampened cloth to remove fingerprints or smudges. A mild, non-abrasive product is recommended for difficult marks. Do not use industrial or even household cleaners that contain alcohol or any solvent.

Where can you buy a replacement light bulb for Replogle products?

Any hardware or lighting store. Some of our illuminated globes use a 25 watt candelabra light bulb and others require a standard light bulb. Please follow these guidelines for globes requiring a standard light bulb. Please do not use more than a 75watt bulb for a 32” globe, 40watt bulb for a 20” globe, and 15watts for a 12” globe..

What is that little round dial at the North Pole?

It’s called a TIME DIAL—used to compare time around the world.

Why do some globes have a metal ring or semi-ring around them?

Most Replogle® globes have a metal ring either full circle or half (semi) circle. These are called MERIDIANS and they are generally numbered in degrees from 0º at the equator to 90º at either Pole. Originally, meridians were used to help locate positions on the globe, but since Replogle® globes have the longitude and latitude lines on the maps, the numbers on the meridian have become less important, but the ring itself still serves to hold the globe ball in position.

How do we choose names for our globes?

Subject to space limitations, we attempt to list all nations, all the capitals, then the biggest city in that country or state, or an important city. There are more names on the coastline because there is room for them, and we are trying to fill space as well. We try not to abbreviate names because that would lead to confusion for our customers. If a city has some importance other than size or a capital, then it’s added. The US Government has a list of names for cities and countries outside North America that they call ‘conventional’ names. This is easier for us to understand than the true translation…and is why our maps show Finland, for example—rather than Suomi.

What are the bumps on some globes and why aren't they on all globes?

The ‘bumps’ are called raised relief and better emphasize the mountainous areas of the world. They are there so that you can ‘SEE & FEEL’ the mountains—although their actual height on the globe does not have any relationship to the true relative heights of the mountain ranges. Raised relief is found on 9", 12" and 16" diameter non-illuminated globes. On the smaller globe, it would be difficult to maintain any degree of accuracy. On a very large diameter globe, i.e., 20" & 32", the method of manufacturing doesn’t lend itself to incorporating this feature.

 Why a globe instead of an atlas?

Actually, an atlas complements the globe and the globe complements the atlas. Each has features that, when used together, become an excellent reference and teaching tool. The advantage of a globe is that the world in its entirety is depicted on a sphere. As well as being functional, many globes also serve as attractive decorative accessories for homes and offices.



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