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Packing & Travel Tips

1. Make a list of everything you plan to take. You may want to start your list a week ahead of time, so that everything will be clean and organized when you depart.

2. Whenever possible, pack only what you can manage. Too much luggage can slow you down.

3. Don't overstuff!! To avoid wrinkles, choose only the clothing and travel items you really need. And pack limited color combinations, so all you have to do when you arrive is mix and match.

4. Utilize leftover plastic bags from the drycleaner by wrapping each garment in a separate bag. This works wonders for eliminating wrinkles.

5. “Interfold” items together, such as pants, jackets, dresses or skirts. Close all buttons, snaps and zippers, and then “layer” clothes, allowing unfolded garments and sleeves to hang out on both sides. Fold each set of loose ends alternately over the next garment, creating a cushion for your clothes.

6. When possible, select only clothes that are washable and drip-dry. And limit jewelry and accessories to those you can wear with all outfits.

7. You can also separate your clothes with tissue paper that has been sprayed in advance with your favorite perfume or cologne. The tissue will guard against wrinkles, the scent will linger, and you won't have to worry about bringing a perfume bottle that could shatter during transit.

8. Choose shoes sparingly. You can tuck underwear and socks inside shoes to save space and help shoes keep their shape. Stretch socks over the shoes to keep them from soiling other clothes. Most Atlantic products feature integrated shoe pockets for easy, safe storage.

9. Choose smaller, travel-size items that are lightweight and easy to pack.

10. If you're traveling with your family, mix their clothes throughout each suitcase, just in case a bag is lost. And if you have a travel companion, pack toiletries together and share shampoo, soap, etc.

11. Place any small items, such as vitamins, prescriptions or make-up in separate sealable plastic bags. Ditto for any items like shampoo that can inadvertently pop open during transit.

12. Toss a few empty plastic bags into your luggage--you'll need them later to stash dirty or damp clothes. Our best-selling Infinity III includes a mesh pocket in all upright luggage for this purpose.

13. Place a copy of your itinerary inside each piece of luggage. This way, if your bags are misrouted, the airline will be able to find you quickly.

14. Place luggage tags both on the inside and the outside of your suitcase in case outer tags accidentally fall off during loading or unloading. Most Atlantic products feature integrated ID cards, which help make sure that bags are returned to the correct address. And for safety reasons, we suggest you use only your business address.

15. Finally, take all valuables, passports, documents, money and medications with you on board, in your carry-on luggage. If you can't live without it, don't let it out of your sight!


10 Tips for Air Travel Compliance

Since 9-11, air travel safety has become more of an issue than ever before. Realizing how important safety is, Atlantic has developed suggestions for air travel that can help even the most frequent traveler.

1. Always carry two forms of photo identification and keep these on you at all times. Acceptable forms of ID are a valid photo driver's license, an active passport, or employee identification from a county, state or federal agency.

2. Knives of any size, including pocketknives, are prohibited aboard air carriers. Other prohibited items include nail files, scissors, straight razors, needles and any other sharp objects.

3. When possible, carry a cell phone with you and make sure it is fully charged. A cell phone enables travelers to keep in close contact with airlines and be updated on air travel information and flight assistance.

4. Pack light, bring only what is needed for your trip. Consider traveling with only carry-on luggage. Check with your air carrier if you are unsure of the size limitations. Most domestic flights allow a single carry-on item measuring 22"x 14"x 9". A purse or shopping bag is permitted along with your carry-on, but additional cases, such as a laptop computer may be considered a second item. Several carry-ons now come equipped to transport laptops safety.

5. Avoid bringing any suspicious looking items that may prompt security searches, even items such as pre-wrapped gifts. It is better to take any materials that you will need for gifts as separate items then to wrap packages pre-flight. Also, avoid using plastic or paper bags as a form of luggage.

6. While in airport premise, keep your luggage with you at all times. Unattended bags are subject to on-the-spot searches and confiscation.

7. Make sure all your luggage is properly labeled with your identification information and is locked. As you may be asked more than once to show the contents of your bag, make sure you have the keys to unlock your luggage readily available.

8. Due to increased passenger and baggage security screenings in all airports, baggage will no longer be accepted for check-in at curbside. Also, passengers are now required to check-in at the airport a minimum of two hours prior to departure for all travel within the continental U.S., and three hours for all international travel, although times may vary from city to city, so check with
your departing terminal. In addition to arriving earlier at the airport due to increased person and baggage security screenings, it is a good idea to allow more time for increased line length.

9. You must have an electronic ticket confirmation letter, a travel agency itinerary, a boarding pass or a paper ticket to be permitted beyond the security checkpoints to the gates.

10. Family, friends and drivers without tickets will not be permitted into the gate areas to greet arriving passengers or to see off departing passengers. Be sure to plan and agree upon a place to meet in the baggage claim area or main terminal of the airport.


Airlines Carry On Luggage Guidelines

Happy Travels



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